Taiwan Wedding Practices

There are many different wedding ceremony traditions obtainable in taiwan. These customs are meant to observe the groups of the soon-to-be husband and bride-to-be and to tribute their ancestors and forefathers.

The tea ceremony is a crucial part of a taiwan wedding. It’s a choice of the category of the wedding couple to accept their new husband and wife to their family home.

relationship with korean woman Throughout this ceremony, the dating taiwanese women couple will provide tea to each of the parents (the bride’s father and mother will be served first) saying „please drink tea. ” They will then offer each parent a red cover filled with money or silver jewelry to be a blessing and since the official welcome for the family.

After the tea ceremony is certainly complete, the couples will be invited for their reception where they can are introduced to each other’s parents and relatives. They will be provided food and dessert.

A normal dessert is sweet rice and cash filled with sesame paste and red espresso beans, which is called „sweet and sticky. ” This is a sign great luck pertaining to the recently married couple.

Typically, the bride’s and groom’s home had to make 12 gifts for each other individual wedding day. These types of https://stylishlyme.com/stylish-life/love-quotes/ presents were made of various kinds of things, but most of the time included a red envelope filled with cash or gold earrings.


Prior to the wedding, the mothers on the groom’s and bride’s sides would dress all of them with golden fashion accessories and jewels. This is to exhibit they are formally introduced to the other’s along with that they will take part in it permanently.

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